Projects are everywhere.  The greatest achievements of mankind have been the result of successful projects.  From the Pyramids of Giza, to the Great Wall of China, to the Apollo Program.  These are all examples of a scope of work being delivered to meet a defined objective and vision.

Projects are a part of daily life within every industry and in every country on Earth, from the smallest micro-projects to the mega projects of the modern age.  As a species, we have been doing projects for 12,000 years - and humanity is still terrible at it. Today, fewer than one third of all projects are completed on time and on budget. 

We are going to change that.  
We are the future of project management. 

Artificial Intelligence for Projects and Portfolios

At ProjectAI, projects are our passion.  We make it easy, and we bring the best practices of project and portfolio management within reach, while adding a revolutionary element - artificial intelligence.   ProjectAI enables you to not only build, monitor and control your project, we also connect you with your projects in a way you may have never thought possible. 

ProjectAI not only knows your project - it learns - taking from all available data sources to develop new insights and early warnings to keep your projects on track.

People-centric Project Management 

Despite the prevalence of projects throughout society, they all depend on one thing: people.  Fundamentally, every project success or failure can be attributed to the basics of human emotion and interaction.  But these effects are not always obvious within the standard reporting of simple metrics such as cost and schedule.   Information is slow to travel to those that need it, and the truth doesn’t always come through to inform decisions.

Consider how projects are affected by human emotions.  How can we use this to take the pulse of the project team and key stakeholders?  Technology can help us, and ProjectAI has you covered.