Arun Reddy

Chief Data Scientist / Solution Architect

Arun is a Harvard-trained data scientist, specialising in big data, analytics and artificial intelligence solutions across various vertical and horizontal markets.  He has delivered a wide range of functional, systems integrations, financial and middleware solutions across Australia, the Middle East and Africa. 

He has led various large-scale ERP projects resolving strategic issues related to technology process improvement, with a particular focus on business automation, analytics, data science, machine learning and the role these can play in shaping impactful business strategies.

Arun has served as Financials Lead for ASG Group, where he has led all aspects of design and development of various automation and reporting solutions, especially leveraging Oracle’s eBusiness Suite and Fusion applications.   He has deep experience in the design of integration and data transformation rules to connect ERP systems with third party applications.

He has also served in other technical consulting roles with NEC Australia, Kuwait Oil Company (Kuwait City, Kuwait), Mashreq Bank (Dubai, UAE), and SAIS (Gaborone, Botswana).

Arun holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science and Information Technology (first class with distinction) from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, and is a Master’s candidate in Data Science from Harvard University.   He has received numerous academic and professional awards.  Arun is based in Perth, Australia where he enjoys playing tennis and chess, and reading about Astrophysics, particularly books by his favourite author, Neil DeGrasse Tyson..