ProjectAI at a glance

  • We are an international project and portfolio management advisory firm, specializing in enterprise processes, systems, and organization design.
  • We are also developing an exciting range of advanced technology solutions for capital projects, working in conjunction with various existing and widely-used 3rd party applications.
  • We are leading the industry in advanced predictive analytic capability (semantic modelling, cognitive processing, sentiment analysis, artificial intelligence) and connections to novel data sources (public data, wearable technology, etc)
  • ProjectAI partners with other supporting software, technology and specialist organizations to bring the right combination of solutions to meet our customer’s challenges... ensuring delivery in the most rapid and cost-effective manner.

Projects are Our Passion

Projects are the driving force of the global economy.  Over US$5 trillion is spent every year on capital and infrastructure projects around the world.  And over two thirds of these will be over budget and behind schedule.  ProjectAI seeks to disrupt this paradigm, and help the world make sense of projects, delivering better outcomes for companies, governments, individuals and society at large.

In the information age, project data is growing more abundant, but the capacity of project teams to manage and exploit it is not keeping pace with this expansion – and significant value remains out of reach. 

ProjectAI provides a range of advisory and consulting services for project and portfolio management, systems integration and project reporting.   

ProjectAI is also developing the most world's most advanced data integration and reporting / analytics platform for project and portfolio management - integrating classical project software while incorporating social, crowdsourcing, and other new sources of data - unlocking faster analysis through advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. 

Our product / service offering applies across numerous industry sectors (oil & gas, resources, technology, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, commercial, IT, government, etc.). Scaling from small projects to mega-projects, ProjectAI will make the complex simple and revolutionize the way projects are managed. 

Our Process

Complementary "Pulse Check"

Our Pulse Check is a short complementary session to discuss your current situation and better understand your current state, and any challenges you may have.  We discuss where you are, where you want to be, and how ProjectAI can help you get there.


This is a deeper, on-site review of your current project / portfolio processes, systems, organization, governance and culture.  We can identify opportunities, help you understand what is possible, and build an improvement journey that works for you.

Improvement Planning

We work with your internal and external stakeholders to fully understand the current state, build detailed recommendations / actions, evaluate organizational impact, build cost / time / resource estimates, and present an actionable work plan for approval.  This process is iterated as needed to maximize value.

Improvement Execution

We work with the right combination of domain, systems, and organizational change experts to execute the work plan in the most rapid and cost-effective manner.  We work with your organisation to ensure the improvements are implemented efficiently, provide the necessary support, monitor performance / compliance, and facilitate continuous improvement.