Project Semantic Data Modelling

Throughout the project lifecycle, you will need many types of information to successfully plan and execute the project on time and on budget.  Cost estimates, schedules, deliverables, contracts, documents, invoices, staffing plans, change requests, funding, reports, etc.   Additionally, there may be even more project-specific data types you need: health & safety, permits, inventories, etc.

How do you handle all of this data?   How does it all fit together?  Which systems are involved?  How can you free yourself from all those spreadsheets?

At ProjectAI, we have a simple philosophy:  the more time you spend managing data, is time you're NOT managing the project.

ProjectAI is here to disrupt that. 

By helping you to map out the various types of data you need, and the systems used to store it, we can help you build a clean and simple map to make your project sing.  Using this, we can begin to apply the latest business intelligence and reporting tools to make sure the right information is getting to the right people at the right time. 

ProjectAI Extensible PPM / EPC Ontology

We are developing the world's foremost project and portfolio management ontology, based on globally common relationships between common PPM datasets.   We leverage the latest in semantic web standards and pre-existing public ontologies & taxonomies to help you get the most of your data - providing the basis for AI-driven indicators and early warnings. 

Once you have defined the data you need, what systems should store the data, and how do you bring it together?  Learn more about System Selection & Integration