Internet of Things (IoT) for Projects

In the same way that new software tools are changing things, hardware solutions are creating an exciting array of possibilities as well!

Almost everyone has a smartphone, embedded with motion sensors, and GPS location data. More and more people are using smart watches and activity trackers to provide even more information on things like heart rates, steps taken, etc. 

Similarly, equipment and materials are using RFID tags, motion/location data and performance sensors in ways never before possible!

Drone technology is also presenting some new opportunities to understand progress in construction activities.  

Imagine melding this type of data with a 3D model of your project, then layer in your classical cost and schedule data, then add all of the sentiment data, public data, and supporting enterprise data...   All of a sudden, you have a living, breathing knowledge of practically everyone and everything involved in your project.

How can we use information like this to better understand things like productivity, absenteeism, resource density, constructability, health and safety risks, etc.?

The possibilities are endless, and the ProjectAI platform will unlock this new frontier!

How do we turn all of this data into meaningful information and insight?  Learn more about Project Reporting.