People are everything.

In a world of increasing technological change, it seems like humans are getting squeezed out of the picture. At ProjectAI, we believe that people are the most important part of success. We are still incredibly passionate about the power of technology, but we want to use this power to connect people to their projects in a revolutionary way.

Building a Winning Organisation

Even though people are the most important part of the equation, you can’t know who you need if you don’t know what you need them to do. It is essential to understand your value chain, and how it decomposes into executable processes. We help our customers define these processes and the roles required to deliver them.

But the real magic lies in designing an organisation with clear accountabilities, minimised distraction / overhead, defined capability expectations (skills, education, experience, etc.), so you can evaluate incumbents, recruit effectively or leverage the market to your advantage.

The Right Leaders in the Right Positions

There are so many examples of single organisation changes which have destroyed companies. Do not underestimate the value of leaders, and the distinct skills required to lead effective and high-performing teams.

How should you build and maintain a leadership culture in your organisation, and manage team & individual performance?

Talent Management in the Digital Age

In a world of volatile market conditions, companies must remain agile to change. Too often, many organisations manifest this in a knee-jerk reaction to their workforce. Either bold recruitment campaigns or savage and expensive layoffs / redundancies.

By taking a different approach to your portfolio, you can manage within the uncertainty - maintaining core, long-term capability, and applying more effective strategies to adapt to rapid changes. ProjectAI can help you build a talent management strategy to give you the power to predictively manage recruitment, attrition, contract labour and other tactics to maintain a steady course in an ocean of change.

Your Human Workforce and Your Robotic Workforce

Where have all the elevator operators gone?

Humans being replaced by machines is not a new phenomenon. This has been happening since the dawn of the industrial revolution. Rather than focus on the negative perceptions of this, consider the positive effects of redeploying humans to more value adding activities! This is a great thing for companies, for society at large, and ultimately for the humans involved.

When you think of robots, you might think of physical robots that assemble cars, or futuristic androids that can serve you a drink. Automation can be employed both to augment human physical labour (hardware robots) and intellectual labour (software robots).

We specialise in helping businesses create a high-performing human workforce, supported by robotic workers performing the more mundane tasks 24/7. Click here to learn more about our automation solutions.

Let’s go!

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