Do the right projects,
then do projects right.

ProjectAI's project management experts specialise in the specific needs of project-centric organisations - particularly those with sizeable capital portfolios.

We have witnessed firsthand the value of selecting the right combination of projects, and we have also witnessed value destroyed by the wrong decisions. On average, 30% of total business value is eroded by businesses choosing to do projects which aren’t ready, or aren’t aligned to their strategy.

We can help build your portfolio and PMO capability through the following areas:

Portfolio Strategy & Lifecycle Definition

  • There are many things your organisation could do. How do you know which projects / initiatives will deliver your vision in the optimal way?

  • What are you wanting to achieve with your portfolio?  What objectives are the most important to reaching your goals?  How do you want to manage your investments?  How many phases should each project have?  Sequential (gated) or Iterative (e.g. Agile)?  Which key deliverables are expected at each gate?  

  • Don't know the answers to these questions?  We can help.

Ideation & Innovation

  • Projects are born from an idea. How can you encourage your entire organisation to come up with new ideas to improve or innovate?

Project Proposals

  • This is the step where a project officially joins the portfolio as a candidate project to be considered. Some basic information is captured to communicate the value of doing the project (or the impact of not doing the project).

Project Prioritisation

  • Of all of the potential projects on the list, which ones should you do?  This can be based on a variety of metrics - value, growth, safety improvement, risk reduction, strategic fit, etc. A structured approach to prioritization allows you to be very clear about the projects that would give you the most bang for your buck.

Portfolio Optimisation

  • As much as you might like to, you just can't do everything at the same time. Portfolio optimization is all about finding the best combination of projects that you can deliver with the resources that you have (capital, human, or others.)  

  • Run scenarios with your portfolio to understand what you can do in each financial period, choose which projects to continue, accelerate, delay or stop all together. 

Governance & Approval

  • How do you know you're ready to make a decision?  

  • Do you trust the quality of your estimate or schedule?  How does each project benchmark against others?  Who has reviewed the project?  

  • How can you simplify the funding request / approvals process and clearly track KPIs and baselines?

Portfolio Monitoring & Control

  • How do you pull together all of the information you need, so you can understand which projects need attention?  

  • How do you understand the effect all of the projects have on the bottom line?  

  • How do you get early warnings and leading indicators of performance.   How can you drill into the detail?  This is where ProjectAI really shines.   We make it unbelievably simple!

Benefits Tracking

  • Are you getting the result you expected from your project?  How does this compare to the original business case that was proposed? How can we make the next project better?  

We love this stuff. Let’s get started!

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