Project Reporting & Business Intelligence

Project teams around the world struggle with reporting.   How do you get the right information to the people who need it, when they need it? 

Building the Right Culture

Are you creating the right culture for your project teams?   What can you do to make sure your teams feel comfortable to tell the real story?  Are you frequently surprised by project changes / outcomes?  

The Reporting Chain

Many project executives are separated from the front line by several organisation layers. Unfortunately, with each layer, the story can change, and "fat" (contingency) can be added to hide the truth.  Also, each layer adds more time before you are aware of what is going on. We can help you cut the fat, and get to the truth faster, so the right action can be taken to keep your projects on track.

Freedom from Spreadsheets

The world's most popular reporting tool is Microsoft Excel.  This is a great tool when used correctly, but more often than not, it's just too easy for spreadsheet solutions to become unmanageable.  They are just not suited to structure the data in a way that can be easily analyzed.   Using the right combination of tools can help to free you from this, and really take control of your projects and portfolios. 

Reporting Overload

How much is too much?  Are you spending too much time managing the pennies, while the project as a whole goes down the drain?  Are you making an enormous report every month that no one seems to ever read?  We can help you identify the real metrics that will make a difference, and help your teams focus on bringing out the key messages and indicators. 

The One Report to Rule Them All?

Many organizations have wasted so much time trying to build a one page report that is all things to all people.   The ideal report should be the same format everywhere, tell everything an executive ever wants to know, but all fit on one printed page.  

Sorry to say:  this is impossible!  Different stakeholders have different needs.  There may be some things about your project that are unique, and some that may be common.  We can help you design the right combination of reporting elements that can be used by the widest range of stakeholders.

Business Intelligence

Once you have defined the right metrics, the right stakeholders, and all of the necessary processes and data sources, we can start to automate how reports are generated, leveraging the latest business intelligence tools, giving you the ability to "drill-down" into problems, and identify issues early.