Team Sentiment & Crowdsourcing

A new generation of technology solutions is constantly opening new doors to help us communicate and collaborate.   ProjectAI is at the forefront of harnessing these new methods, using both structured and unstructured data to revolutionize project controls. 

Sentiment Analysis

When a project manager walks around to meet with team members, the first question is almost always: "How's it going?"   Which really involves two questions: "What is happening?" and "How do you feel about it?".   The data supporting the first question is typically contained somewhere in all the systems and reports.   But the data supporting the second question is more subjective. 

How can we use technology to take the pulse of the project?  Not only to help monitor normal performance metrics, but to add a new layer of insight through understanding how the team feels about it.  Projects are fundamentally human endeavors - and humans are both rational and emotional.  We shouldn't hide from this, but rather embrace it - and ProjectAI is leading the way!  


Two heads are better than one.  Historically, feedback on project performance has been a cold process.  Someone types a date into a schedule, or a number into a report...and that's it.  What if we could solicit feedback from everyone?  That feedback may not be the "official" number, but it could certainly show where people disagree.  Some PMs may find this confronting, but it's actually liberating!

Many forensic analyses always show that few people were surprised that a project came in late.  The team knew it, but the PM didn't want to believe it. 

What kind of "culture" do you want on your project?  ProjectAI is here to tear down the old paradigm of fear, self-preservation, and hidden contingency - and promote a transparent, collaborative, solution-oriented project culture. 

Social Media & Public Data

In addition to all of the data the team generates, there is an ever-increasing amount of public and social data that can be used.  What if there is a dramatic change in the stock price of one of your suppliers?  How does the weather affect productivity / attendance? What if your customer is suddenly being mentioned in news articles?  What if your contractor is trending on Twitter?   Think of all the information we could use from public data sources and social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.  It may not always affect the outcome, but ProjectAI can make the connections, and present you with the data - so you can decide!  

We can also augment human data with sensor data, unlocking even more insight!  Learn more about the Internet of Things (IoT) for Projects.