The Five Dimensions of Successful Business & Portfolio Transformation

At ProjectAI, we firmly believe in the power of technology to solve many business challenges - but technology alone will not solve the problem. Many organizational change initiatives fail when you don’t consider all five of these critical dimensions. These are not just meaningless buzzwords - these concepts are part of our DNA.

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People are at the heart of our approach to business and project improvement. By leveraging the most innovative techniques in resourcing, organization design, talent management, and team sentiment analysis, we can build sustainable capability strategies for even the most volatile portfolios. We find the right way to engage your human workforce and build a supporting robotic workforce - freeing your team members to focus on the value-adding work only humans can do.



Without an effective and efficient business process, what will any technology solution actually do for you? What does “good” look like? How can you define processes at the right level, so both humans and robots can understand, implement… and continuously improve? Do you understand which processes can actually be automated? The answer might surprise you!



At ProjectAI, our technology philosophy is… keep it simple. There is a growing landscape of technologies that can be applied to solve problems, but which will give you the most bang for your buck? How can you harness a universe of data in new and innovative ways? We approach each challenge with a clear perspective, and never try to force a solution that won’t fit your business.



Once you have defined the people, process and technology you need, how do you ensure it all works as intended? We can help you apply the best practices in project development to design investment / stage gate processes and build meaningful portfolio reporting. Which risks do you need to manage? Which controls do you need? What do you need to measure? How do you make decisions with the data to achieve your business objectives?



Any successful change requires strong executive sponsorship… stated boldly, and repeated often. Are you promoting the right behaviors and recognizing individual & team motivations to drive transparency for any execution & contracting strategy? Are you encouraging a culture of collaborative problem-solving, or a culture of finger-pointing & blame-shifting? How does this affect the way information travels in your organization?


The team at ProjectAI can help you build a comprehensive strategy which addresses the intricacies of all these dimensions. Click here to start your journey!