Getting the basics right.

New technologies can enhance your projects and improve the way people engage with them, but there is still no substitute for good planning and human experience. It is important to properly configure and integrate traditional project and business platforms to ensure success.


Project and Portfolio Management (PPM)

Nearly 2000 individual applications exist to perform various functions in project and portfolio management. A wide array of integrated and best-of-breed products are available to help manage cost, schedule, progress, quantities, risks, documents, contracts, changes, decisions, actions, issues, etc. We can help you leverage your existing systems investments and optimize the technologies that will best support your portfolio needs.


Building Information Modelling (BIM) & Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) Solutions

Building Information Management (BIM) principles and technology are not new in capital projects. Various platforms are available and being continuously improved to offer a wider array of capabilities. ProjectAI can help you configure and integrate 3D model data with other project data sets, creating a four- or five-dimensional view of your project over time. When connected with augmented and virtual reality technology, you can achieve a new level of planning and risk mitigation, which can carry on into operations, optimizing facility performance and asset maintenance.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Integration

Various enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms exist, such as SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. These systems become an imporant part of an organization’s DNA, but are not always designed to best suit the needs of capital projects. We can help you discover how to configure and integrate these platforms to best work with your project’s digital ecosystem.