ProjectAI Strategy Workshop

Don't know how to get started?  As a first step, we recommend an on-site advisory engagement to explore: 

  • Your business, portfolio or project context and objectives.

  • Current state organisation design, processes, technology, governance and culture.

  • Improvement opportunities and discuss what is possible with current and emerging technology.

We then work to build an improvement roadmap that works for you, recognizing your organization's desired pace for change, timing requirements, budgetary constraints, etc. 

Leading Experts

The two-week workshop will be led by our senior functional expert(s) and / or technology specialists, to engage with your nominated stakeholders.

Current State

Comprehensive review of your existing situation, using our Five Dimensions of business and portfolio improvement.  Identifying opportunities and deviations from industry best practice. 

Partner Network

Leveraging ProjectAI's network of consulting, software and technology partners to ensure you get the right access to targeted domain, industry and technology expertise.


Customized Scope

We work with you to understand what's most important in your business context, and can customize or adapt the scope to suit your requirements.


We will generate a thorough report on findings, recommendations, high-level cost / time / resource estimates, and the necessary information to support a compelling case for change.

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